Three Rings Inc. Announces its Third Ring

Three Rings Inc. Announces its Third Ring: Andy Murphy, Former Co-Founder of Davies Murphy Group

Murphy joins DMG veterans Lisa Paglia and Doug Broad to Shatter Agency Norms and Deliver a Better Client Experience; New B2B Technology Marketing/PR Agency Opens Office in Downtown Boston

BOSTON June 11, 2018 Three Rings Inc. today announced that Andy Murphy has joined the agency as a principal. Murphy will re-unite with fellow principals and longtime colleagues Lisa Paglia and Doug Broad in managing the agency, which provides marketing and public relations services to business-to-business (B2B) high-tech companies. Three Rings also announced it has moved into its brand-new office at 399 Boylston Street in Boston.

Murphy was a co-founder of Davies Murphy Group, which grew to become one of Boston’s largest PR and marketing agencies before being acquired by LEWIS Global Communications in 2013. Murphy, Paglia and Broad worked together at DMG and later LEWIS for more than 15 years, and all three have experience both on the client and agency sides, giving them a unique perspective on agency business models.

“Lisa and Doug started Three Rings one year ago and have done a spectacular job at building a seven-figure business with 12 clients and 11 staff members,” Murphy said. “The traditional agency model has fallen badly out of step with client business realities, and Lisa and Doug have created an innovative approach to agency service that delivers a vastly superior client experience. This is borne out by their success to date, and my goal is to bring another creative dimension to the team and drive the Three Rings value proposition even deeper into the high-tech market.”

On-Demand Marketing and PR

Three Rings is structured to be fundamentally different from other agencies. The agency’s staff includes experts across every area of marketing – from PR and communications to demand-generation, graphic design and strategic branding – both in the U.S. and Europe. Its flexible business model enables clients to access this broad skillset on demand.

“Traditional agency models force clients to sign long-term, expensive contracts for rigid, stove-piped service modules,” Broad said. “This is a terrible fit with today’s business environment, where client needs can literally change overnight. It also creates a boring, repetitive existence for employees, which is why many agencies suffer 40% or higher employee turnover every year. Three Rings’ on-demand approach to service delivery ensures we are always delivering maximum value to clients, and creates a dynamic work environment where employees function as extensions of client marketing departments, rather than agency assembly-line workers.”

In its new downtown Boston office, Three Rings will have the infrastructure to expand the agency with additional employees to accommodate its growing influx of clients. The Three Rings client roster currently includes a full range of B2B technology companies, from early stage startups to multi-billion-dollar global corporations.

“The last thing the world needs is another agency, run by agency lifers, perpetuating the same old agency model, making and breaking the same old agency promises,” Paglia said. “Three Rings has shattered that model and built something vastly superior: an agency that perfectly synchronizes with client business realities and needs. When our clients’ business demands change and they need a different set of services, we don’t ask for money –  we ask for deadlines. That’s what we mean by ‘on demand.’”


About Three Rings Inc.

Three Rings is a new kind of agency providing on-demand PR and marketing services to B2B technology clients worldwide. The company combines a comprehensive set of expert skills across the entire continuum of PR and marketing, with a highly flexible business model that enables clients to shift services and priorities on demand. This delivers superior results for clients while also providing a dynamic work environment for employees. Three Rings is based in Boston with additional operations across the UK and Europe.