About Us

Marketing and PR have been held hostage by an agency model that dates back to the close of World War I.

A model offering stove-piped services, led by professionals who may or may not have experience in the task at hand. Where “senior leadership” only shows up when the account is in trouble, and the almighty Contract trumps client needs, every time.

At Three Rings, we think 100 years is long enough. We’ve built something better: An agency tuned into the realities clients face every day. One that understands clients don’t have PR needs or marketing needs – they have business needs, and the tools required for achieving them often change. We are built from the ground up to deliver the customized marketing and PR services clients need, when they need them, with zero barriers to service access.

How have we done this?

  • First, we’ve assembled a staff of skilled professionals across the marketing and PR spectrum to deliver the expert services required to meet our clients’ needs, whatever they are.
  • Second, we’ve created a business model that enables clients to access those skills on demand.

Unlike traditional agencies that lock clients into stove-piped service modules and long-term contracts, Three Rings provides flexible engagements where clients can tap into the skills they need, when they need them. This enables us to deliver integrated marketing and PR programs customized to current client needs, not those from six months ago.

From strategic planning and messaging, to content creation and propagation, to demand generation and enablement, to social media and full-service public relations, Three Rings delivers custom marketing and PR programs that deliver the exact results our clients’ need, when they need them. We think this is a change for the better.